Tom-N-Jerry Boat Center – Four Important Guidelines to Follow When You Go Boating

If you are planning on going on a boat trip, there are several safety guidelines you will need to follow. Taking precaution and following safety guidelines will ensure you stay safe and enjoy your boat trip. Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center is one of the leading boat centers in Washington and offers a variety of boats, trailers, engines and other parts and services. Here are four important guidelines you should follow when you go boating.

Float Plan

It is important for you to develop a float plan and inform a family member or one of the staff at the marine center when you go boating. Your float plan should include the following:


  • Name, address and contact details of the trip leader
  • Name and contact details of all passengers
  • Trip itinerary
  • Boat registration and type
  • Types of signal and communication equipment onboard such as Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), or Emergency Position-indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB).



Make sure you and everyone on board wear a lifejacket while you are onboard. According to research, many boaters who drowned were not wearing a lifejacket.

Avoid Alcohol

If you are the skipper or assistant skipper, you will need to stay off alcohol while you are at the helm. Studies have shown that the effects of alcohol are intensified by the wind and the sun. Remember alcohol can be consumed after you have docked safely at the port.

Learn Swimming

If you are going to be on the boat often, you might want to take some swimming lessons. There several organizations that offer swimming classes. Sign up for some swimming classes and learn how to swim.

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