Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center – Selling Aluminum and Pontoon Boats by G3 Boats

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center sells aluminum and pontoon boats built by G3 Boats because they can stand by their products to the utmost. Tom-N-Jerry’s is always trying to find the next big thing in boating to offer its customers in western Washington and beyond. One of its most popular models are those manufactured by G3 Boats, which are favored by many people in the area for excursions on Puget Sound and on the many lakes in the area. Tom-N-Jerry’s has a wide selection of these boats and many others for sale. Their experts can help people find all of the accessories and other supplies they need for a long or short journeys.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center is proud to carry G3 Boats because of their reliability and ease of use. Many people come to Tom-N-Jerry’s with the dream of owning their own boat, but they don’t necessarily understand what it takes to properly care for the boat. Many customers also need guidance in finding the best packages to go with their G3 boats. Luckily, these boats are easy to shop for and often come with all of the needed supplies and accessories boaters need to enjoy their time on the water.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center has helped countless customers in northern Washington find the perfect boat. Oftentimes their perfect boat is made by G3 Boats, but Tom-N-Jerry’s has the staff and the products to match customers with a model they will love for as long as it floats. G3 Boats are guaranteed to float a long time.


Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center – Highest Sales of Hewescraft Boats in the United States

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center has recently become the most successful seller of Hewescraft boats in the United States. This is due to its commitment to customer service and knowledge-based salesmanship. To sell boats at Tom-N-Jerry’s you have to come with many years of experience captaining your own vessel in many different environments. Tom-N-Jerry’s offers Hewescraft vessels and equipment to its customers because all of its staff can stand behind the quality of these products.

Hewescraft has vessels for all kinds of boaters. From the powerful Pro series for freshwater boaters to medium and large ocean crafts for fishers and pleasure boaters, Hewescraft has it all. Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center sells a wide range of these crafts, some complete with the full range of supplies and equipment necessary for the next voyage. Every Hewescraft model employs all of its usable space, creating safe areas for fishing and relaxing without knocking into people constantly. As soon as you take a Hewescraft boat home, you’ll be ready to hit the water. All Hewescraft models are built to last and are known for their durability and reliability. Safety is also the highest priority in the design and manufacturing of all Hewescraft models.

Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center has been carrying Hewescraft boats for many years and is proud to offer these excellent products to its local customers and those who come in from overseas. With decades of experience between them, the staff of Tom-N-Jerry’s is ready to help all comers find their favorite Hewescraft vessel and hit the water for relaxation and adventure.

Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center – Traits The Great Anglers Possess

The team at Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center knows that many of the people who make use of their services are anglers who want to be able to buy boats that will serve their needs when they are fishing. That’s why the company employs many people who are experienced sailors and anglers in their own right, so that they can provide quality advice. The following are all traits that the best anglers tend to possess.


Fishing is not a high-paced activity and those who approach it with the aim of catching a lot of fish all of the time are soon going to find themselves frustrated. The best anglers recognize that patience is often key to landing the big catches and they will be willing to put the work in to make sure they are in the right places at the right times.


Good anglers also recognize that the quality of their gear will play a large role in how well they do, as well their knowledge of the habits of various kinds of fish and where such specimens can most commonly be found. With all of this knowledge combined, they can plan out their fishing adventures to ensure that they get the most out of them.


Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center hires so many experienced anglers because they are friendly people who are more than happy to help those who have less experience. Fishing is a surprisingly social activity, especially if you join a club, so friendliness is important if you want to be able to help novices along.


Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center – How To Winterize A Boat Engine

Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center sells many boats every year and one of the most common questions many new boats owners have is how to winterize the boat engine to protect it until the next season. If you are wondering how to keep your boat safe this winter, these tips can help.

Gas Stabilizer

Once you have filled up your gas tank or if you are planning on leaving any gas in the tank, you will need to add gas stabilizer to protect the gas during the winter. This will keep it from freezing and help it run better when you are ready to use it again.


You don’t want your motor to freeze and crack during the winter, and you can protect it with antifreeze the same way you would protect your car. Just make sure there is antifreeze in the proper reservoir before you store your boat for winter.

Change The Oil

Many people take the time to change their oil while they are winterizing the boat motor. This not only protects the engine; it leaves the boat ready to use when warmer weather comes along. If you are not planning to change the oil, at least check it and make sure the oil tank is full for the winter.

If you are going to buy a boat and want to keep it safe and protected during cold weather, you will need to winterize it. You can follow the above tips or talk to someone at Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center for more advice.


Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center – Simple Maintenance For Boat Trailers

When you buy a boat from Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center, you will need to have a trailer to pull it. In most cases, people choose to buy the two together. Once you have your boat and trailer you will need to maintain it. Here are some simple maintenance tips to help you keep your trailer on the road.


You will need to keep the tires on your trailer in good shape. You should check the tire pressure and tread often and fill them with air whenever necessary. You should also check the lug nuts to make sure they are secure and grease the wheel bearings when necessary.


You should always check your hitch to make sure it is secure and handling the wear and tear of regular usage. Make sure the bolts are holding up and the hitch is not showing any cracks or signs of distress.


You should clean your trailer often to remove the chemicals, salt and other substances that could get on it and cause it to degrade. You should wash it at least every month to keep it looking good. Remember to rinse it well as well.

Buying a boat and trailer from Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center is a wise choice. If you want to keep them both in good condition and want to be able to transport your boat, you need to apply proper maintenance to your boat trailer. The above tips can help.


Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center – How To Choose The Right Fishing Boats

Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center is the place to buy all different types of boats and boating gear. Whether you want a boat that will hold the whole family, or something smaller that will allow you to fish in ponds, lakes and streams, you can find it at Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center. If you are looking for the perfect fishing boat for your family, these tips can help you choose the right one.

Size should be something you consider when buying a fishing boat. Will you need a big boat or a small boat? Do you plan to fish alone or with others? Will you be fishing on large bodies of water or small ones? Do you plan to take the boat on the ocean or use it only on freshwater? Make sure you know how much space you will need and that you choose a boat that meets your needs.

Are you on a budget? Most people have a budget when they shop for a boat. It can be easy to get carried away when you have a bunch of different boat options, but you should stick to your budget and find a boat that meets your needs. Make sure you consider the cost of operating and maintaining the boat and not only the cost of purchasing it.
You will have to choose an engine for your boat. You can either choose an inboard engine, an outboard engine or an electric motor. Make sure you consider the cost, maintenance, and benefits of each type of motor as well as your needs. You should think about the type of fishing you are going to do and which engine will allow you to do that type of fishing.
Do you want a basic fishing boat or one that provides you with luxuries? Many people simply want a boat that will allow them to fish and others want to be able to enjoy themselves and be comfortable while on the water. If you plan to have other people on your boat you may want to consider getting a boat with more luxuries and comforts. Think about seating, trims, entertainment options such as speakers, lighting and anything else that might make your boat more fun for you and your guests.
If you love to fish and are ready to buy a fishing boat, check out the selection at Tom-N-Jerrys Boat Center. You won’t be disappointed with the prices or customer service. Fishing boats can be a lot of fun and you want to make sure you choose the one that is best for you.

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center – Signs It’s Time to Purchase Your First Boat

Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center is a boat dealership based in Mount Vernon, Washington, with a wide variety of new and used boat models from many different companies. Boating and fishing are fun and exciting hobbies that almost anyone can enjoy, and many new boaters start off by renting boats during vacation trips. However, over time it is more economical and enjoyable to have your own boat. Here are some of the signs that it’s time to take the plunge and purchase your own boat.

– Assess how often you will actually use your boat. If you have been making more than one or two boating trips a year consistently, and plan on continuing to do so, it will be worth the investment to have your own boat. Also, if you live or spend a lot of time somewhere that is convenient for boaters, then buying a boat will be a great investment, because you will be motivated to use it all the time, and can even take your friends and family out on it.

– If you feel very educated about boats and sailing in general, and find yourself showing other people the ropes when you are out on the water, you are ready to purchase your first boat. This is a sign that you have the know-how to find the perfect boat for you and keep it in great condition. Talk to experts, like the staff at Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center, to help you determine exactly what your needs are and make an informed purchase.